The Park

Well last post I mentioned the Park.  When I think of a park in England I tend to think of a playgrund and a filed.  This is a huge open square.  I went there today to meet some new friends.  I took a few videos to give you a flavour of the place....and yes it really that noisy!  The videos are quite large and may take a time to load if you have a slow connection.
The communal 'dancing'.  This was a big group! 

 I am not sure about this.  It is singing, but I am not sure what or why!
These things might look like ribbons, but the 'head' of the dragon looks pretty heavy and it takes quite a bit of power and skill to get them moving!
Walking towards the children's part of the park.  This area mainly has electronic vehicles for the kids.

Walking over past teh electronic kids park to the touchy feely bit. Slightly better music.  I thought it was a group, but as this lady finished she just walked off and someone took over!?  There was more stuff going on too, further al…

The man who knew everything, the barbers and the gang in the park!

Well English corner was at 5.20, so I headed back t school early.  As I was nearing the school, I heard someone running after me.  ""Photo, photo she said in Chinese.  SO we posed for a photo and she told me about her son in Tongren University. She seemed happy with the photo and I continued on my way to school.
and after what appears to have been a successful evening in English Corner and one game of Egg Jockey later, I went for a walk into town.  I went a different way and wandered to teh end of a new street.  As I crossed the road  this chinese guy came up to me and said in English "Welcome to Tongren Number on middle school".  I was puzzled, how did he know?  I asked him and he said he was a Police Officer in charge of Foreign Affairs!  I had better be careful!  As I wandered back up the street I saw the two littel lads who had ran up to me earlier and shouted "  "Meiguoren!?" (American)and much to his surprise I said "bu shi Meigouren, Yin…

The 'Undertaker' part 2

Well today on the way home about 11am I decided to take a short video to show you what the block of shops opposite really looks like.  So I started to shoot the last block working back towards my house.  You can see the results in yesterday's post.  I got about half way along, and there was the 'undertakers'.  They shouted " Hello" and beckoned me in.  The old guy got up and offered me his seat.  I felt a bit awkward taking it as he was even older than me!  But I took it.  Straight away I was offered something to drink, which turned out to be green tea, everyone drinks it here, no one drinks black tea (or red tea as they call it here!), and a cigarette.    This was quite a nice brew.  Anyway we got talking in a mix of English, Chinglish, Chinese and Google translate.  It was really fun.  Smething I had wanted to happen...and now it did!  I love exploring the places I am at and don't really feel the need to go to the 'tourist places'.
there were just …

The 'Undertaker' part 1

Yesterday I was walking home from work ...quite late, as I had been into 'town' with friends for a meal.  I walked past my usual block of shops opposite my house.  I use the word 'shop' as that's the only word I know.

There is quite a variety of 'shops' there ranging from things like restaurants with no customers to garages and metal workers to 'shells' of buildings that contain piles of 'rubbish'.  The 'rubbish' spills out onto the pavement, and is often sorted into piles of 'similar rubbish' presumably for re-cycling, as little three-wheelers come from time to time and take stuff away.  I hope to talk more about these 'shops' in later posts.  Today is the turn of the 'undertaker'.  I have passed this shop maybe some twenty or thirty times and seen a small old guy sitting in front of a machine putting packs of paper under the machine.  The machine then does something to the paper and he takes the paper away…

English Corner

One of our extra curricular activities is English Corner. Twice a week.  We imagined that we'd get 20 to 30 pupils.  We got about 250!  Not a lot else to say really, but we did have fun!  Photos and videos below! (In case you were not aware, the grey 'tracksuits' the pupils are wearing are school uniform)

The musical street-wetting lorry

Well, there's not really a lot to say about this, its a musical lorry and it sprays water on the street.  Here's the video!